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Documentation & Research

HAER Project: Ford Rouge Complex

The totality of the automotive process can be examined here.

From raw material to finished product.  This 1200 acre industrial complex has been studied by economists for the last 70 years as the world's best example of vertical economic integration.  Henry Ford began production at the complex in 1917 and led the charge that made the automotive industry a world wide capitalist giant. 

Photo-documentation Project Underwritten by MotorCities in 2001



Chrysler Headquarters
Where was Chrysler before moving to Auburn Hills?

Davison Freeway
One of America's first sunken limited access freeways.

Dry Dock Engine Works Complex
Witness a ghost of Detroit's great shipbuilding industry.

Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane
This estate offered protection for the Fords.

Milwaukee Junction Survey
The place where Detroitís auto industry grew to adolescence.

Ransom E. Olds Home
This lavish home of an auto baron was no match for the modern superhighway.

Rivertown Survey
Marine to automotive power helped brew the beginning of the auto industry.