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“Take only memories, leave only footprints.”
- Chief Seattle

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  1. Motor US12 Project - MotorCities received an award from the Michigan Department of Transportation to document historic auto heritage related resources along US 12/Michigan Ave., which traverses the heritage area from Downtown Detroit to the Irish Hills. MotorCities is working in partnership with the local historical societies to identify these sites. This project will continue to the end of September 2004.
  2. Our Auto History - At Your Fingertips - Through a major volunteer effort, MotorCities has already identified over 1,200 auto related sites in Southeastern and Central Michigan. We need your help to help flesh out the information on these sites to make it a tool for research of our history.
  3. Stewardship Communities - MotorCities has 12 Stewardship Communities that are the heart of the heritage area. These groups work together to develop auto heritage projects and programming in their communities, and they help to develop projects and programming for tourists and residents alike.
  4. Speakers Bureau - MotorCities needs help in spreading the word about our activities. Volunteers can go out and make presentations about our region's rich and valuable heritage while encouraging people to get involved.
  5. Summer Events - MotorCities needs help in having a presence at many of the car-related events that take place across the NHA during the summers. We have a display, but we need people to be on hand to answer questions and distribute literature. These activities help to raise awareness about our efforts and the value of our history.

Call the MotorCities Office at 313.259.3425 for more details.

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