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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in the seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
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MotorCities Site Index

The MotorCities Site Index in under construction at this time.

MotorCities has developed a comprehensive listing of over 1,200 different auto heritage sites spread across Southeastern and Central Michigan, titled Our Auto History - At Your Fingertips. This listing not only shows where history happened, but it also gives you information why it is significant too.

These sites are what makes MotorCities significant to the history of the United States. Over 1,200 different places were identified through the volunteer driven effort to compile this listing. These resources include factories, wealthy and working class neighborhoods, museums, industrial districts, historic auto baron homes, events, early cruising and street rod sites, union halls, and other places that illustrate the connection between our region and the car industry. This information is contained in a Geographic Information System (GIS) that are intelligent maps with lots of information included. We have addresses of the sites, the histories, photographs (being developed in 2004), famous people, makes and models associated with the site, and lots more information.

This identification of our auto history is ongoing. If you do not see an important auto heritage site on our list, please compile the type of information that is included in our database and forward it to us. History is made every day, and we know that we haven't identified everything yet.

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