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“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
- Anthony J. D’Angelo

Revitalization Committee

The Revitalization Committee is one of MotorCities three Program Committees (Education, Revitalization, and Tourism) that assist in implementing MotorCities' Revitalization agenda. The committee is comprised of people who are interested in helping to move forward the Revitalization agenda. These people may be individuals or they may represent organizations or corporations who have an interested in seeing this program succeed.

The MotorCities Board of Directors appoints the Chair of the Revitalization Committee, yet, the committee reports to the MotorCities Stewardship Council. The committee provides programmatic direction to the Stewardship Council on what types of programs to be supported or initiated by MotorCities. The Stewardship Council then advises the Board on how best to accomplishes these goals.

MotorCities is always looking for interested individuals who may be interested in serving on this committee. Please contact Arthur Mullen, the Revitalization Programs Manager, to get involved.

Current Revitalization Committee

Past Revitalization Committee

Revitalization Committee Membership

The MotorCities Revitalization Committee has been a successful mixture of corporation and preservation individuals. This group not only helps to set the course for the Revitalization Program, but many of the members also provide technical assistance to the committee and staff of the organization.

The activities of the Revitalization Committee differ over the course of the year to include supporting the development of the MotorCities's Revitalization Committee Program budget to selecting the Top Eleven Revitalization Opportunities sites.

Current Revitalization Committee

Past Revitalization Committee

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