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“Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything learned in school.”
- Albert Einstein

Revitalization Conference

MotorCities Revitalization Conferences are held to help further the Revitalization efforts in the MotorCities' Stewardship Communities. These conferences bring speakers into the heritage area who provide technical assistance in the areas of saving historic resources and supporting community revitalization efforts. A second goal of the conference is to encourage networking among the various Stewardship Communities and other groups who are actively working on these efforts or just beginning to get started.

Revitalization and preservation efforts are most successful when local community members are engaged in and leading the efforts. Most attempts at revitalization and preservation that are not initiated or led by local community groups do not succeed. With so many under appreciated auto and labor heritage sites in the National Heritage Area, it is imperative for MotorCities to support and nurture these efforts.


Past Revitalization Conferences:

2002 Revitalization Conference

2004 Revitalization Conference

2002 Revitalization Conference

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