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“Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything learned in school.”
- Albert Einstein

What is Revitalization?

MotorCities views revitalization as a broader and complimentary goal to historic preservation. Revitalization brings new energy and life not only to single buildings but historic districts and entire neighborhoods. Historic preservation strives to save older buildings and sites for future generations because of their historic significance while revitalization strives to return historic properties and neighborhoods to productive use.

The central goal of the MotorCities Revitalization program is to build appreciation for our past. As a region, if we value our history, it will become a civic priority to make sure that it remains vital to our region. It shifts history from dusty text books to something that is important and that we as a region take pride in. Valuing our history builds our pride of place. We won't accept loosing history if we believe it is important, thus it continues to play a role in our everyday lives.

Revitalization is focused on reenergizing areas where economic decline has begun, or is well underway. With a fully implemented revitalization program, the decline is never allowed to begin because we as a community see and value our past. MotorCities strives to have our historic neighborhoods seen as assets, and the Revitalization program is working to make this happen across the region.

What is Revitalization?

What is Preservation?

What is Historic Designation?

Ford Rouge Complex
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